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Please note during Covid-19, a 14 day quarantine applies when you arrive in Ireland. Please see this link for VITAL info:   Covid-19 updates


Contacts for all the Immigration processes, in 1 place:

   Helpful contact details in relation to Immigration

   Big Big Links Page- Immigration related



By Passport Type:


   All SA passports

   Work Permit Skills lists

   General Work Permit

   General Work permits going deeper into the information and getting a job offer and work permit

   Critical Skills Work Permit

    Critical skills going deeper into the information and getting a job offer and work permit

    Study Visa

    Stamp 0 - Retiring to Ireland

    Starting a Business or Investing in Ireland on SA Passports

   EU and SA passports

   Relevant parts of the EU Directive

   4 Routes of the EU Treaty

   Proofs required for EUTR1 and EUTR1A forms

   Who is a dependant under EU Treaty?

   MOCK-UP EUTR1(EU1) form

   MOCK-UP EUTR1A (EU1A) form- Permitted Members

   Bringing Non EU parents under EU Treaty Rights

   Change of circumstances under EU Treaty Rights

   British and SA passports: The Basics for those who were exercising Treaty rights before Brexit

  Introduction to the process

   British and SA passports detailed breakdown

   Uk & Non EU supporting docs and requirements

   Document Checklist for British and SA for pre-clearance approval letter

   Irish and SA passports

   Irish Citizenship (Foreign Birth Registration FBR)

   Returning Irish/SA citizens (Blog)

  All family members are Irish, British and/or European Union Passport holders

   De Facto Relationships - If you are an Unmarried couple, what documents to prepare for your move

   De Facto Relationships - EU & Non EEA

   EU Treaty and Defacto RING THAT BELL!

   De Facto Relationships - CSEP & Non EEA

   De Facto Relationships - Irish and non EEA

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Admin before the move:

The things you may want to consider or do BEFORE

moving from South Africa to the Republic of Ireland

   Visiting Ireland - As South African, what documents do I need to enter Ireland on holiday, business trip, conference or job interview?

   Letter of Invitation - For family joining you later in Ireland/ Coming on Holiday/ Job Interview

   Entry in to Ireland - To enter in to Ireland, what documents do I need and how does it work?

   Flights from South Africa to Ireland (Baggage and allowances) - Airlines and routes from South Africa to Ireland

   Documents for Ireland - A list of recommended documents to arrange before leaving South Africa

   Paperwork at your fingertips - Links to forms needed in Ireland, that you may want to review whilst still in South Africa

   Checklist of things to do before you move - We have produced a unique checklist of things to make sure you have done before leaving South Africa

   Home Affairs contacts and Agents - A list of contacts and agents who deal with Home Affairs documents

   Home Affairs Documents - Home Affairs documents and what is the difference between Abridged/Unabridged/Full and Vault?

   South African Passport renewals in SA and Ireland - Vital information about passport renewals

  Police Clearance, Tax Clearance and Driver's licence letter of Entitlement - Must have, good to have or don't bother?

    Budgets - How to look at Budgeting your new life in Ireland

Employment - A few articles on CV writing,  how to find work, getting employed and all things related to employment like, tax, pensions, USC, labour laws etc

   Employment - A basic review of your CV and finding work in Ireland

   Getting Employed: CV writing and Recruiters - A more indepth look at your CV and finding work in Ireland, recruiters and bodies that may need registration

   Work permits going deeper into the information and getting a job offer whilst still in SA - A deeper look at finding employment for a work permit holder, but may have  some helpful tips for EU/Irish/British passport holders too

   Labour laws - We look at labour laws you may not be familiar with as well as things that work a bit differently to what we are used to

   Becoming a Teacher in Ireland

   Ireland medical registration and job application process

   So Where is my Tax Domicile? (Blog)

   To register as a Nurse- The timeline (Blog)

   My experience of being a creche teacher in Ireland

    PSRI, USC, Tax, Pensions and Customs and Revenue - A more detailed look at deductions and pensions

   How to find work in Ireland in certain careers (BLOGS) - Registering with certain bodies and finding work from our Facebook members


   What should I or can I bring with me to Ireland? - A guide on shipping goods to Ireland and what you should brin gor leave, and on Customs when you fly into Ireland and what you can or can't bring with you

   Importing a car from SA to Ireland (Blog)

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Admin once you have moved:

The things you may need to do once you are in Ireland

Setting up Home - From how to find a house, how to avoid housing scams, what is the housing crisis, how to find a home that accepts pets, the RTB and who they are and what they do, how to buy a home, BER ratings, setting up utlity bills, how to use a boiler, gas/ electric/ oil/ solar, pre-pay vs bills, waste removal, getting TV set up, TV licence, Internet and Mobile phones, insurances, and why are utility bills so important

   Intro to setting up home

   Finding a home: Renting

   Finding a home: Buying property

   Ireland's Housing Crisis

   Rentals and how to find one

   Utility Bills: Proof of Address, Pre-pay bills vs monthly, Types of heating and power and setting them up, Refuse collection, TV, Internet & Mobiles

   Areas in Ireland- What the Saffa's say about where they live

   How we decided on where to live in Ireland (Blog)

     What is the climate/weather like around Ireland?


   PPS number - What is a PPS number and how and when can I apply for one?

Driving in Ireland and everything related to it - Owning a car, exchanging licence, Motor tax,  NCT, Car seats, Learner's licence, License codes and categories, Penalty points, Road Rules and Car Insurance

   Owning a car: The Basics

   Exchanging your SA licence, Motor Tax, NCT, Car seats, Learner's licence, British licences, Licence categories, Penalty points, Road Rules, and Car Insurance

   Drivers licence process for new licence in Ireland

   Importing a car from South Africa

Banking in Ireland - Everything relating to Banking in Ireland

   Bank Account: the Basics

   Banking: Proofs of Address, Non-resident accounts, Retail banks and Credit Score


   The public transport system - Buses, Trains and Taxis in Ireland


Children in Ireland (& Education) - Everything to do with rearing children and education: Several articles about Children, schooling, home schooling, the costs of children, special needs children, tertiary education, types of schools, ECCE, childcare, child benefit etc

    Schooling in Ireland (The Basics)

    Schooling in Ireland: Enrollment

    Schooling in Ireland: Homeschooling

    Schooling in Ireland: Types of Schools

    Schooling In Ireland: Supports

    Third-level Education (Tertiary)

   Schooling in Ireland: Pre-school

   Schooling in Ireland: ECCE program and Childcare in Ireland

   How much does it cost for children to grow up in Ireland

   Children with Disabilities

   Children with Special Needs

    Educate Together Schools

   Child Benefit, HRC1 form and Operational Guidelines on Habitual Residence

   Child passport renewal when one parent is in SA (Blog)

   Rilly on Cammy making the jump to a special needs school (Blog)

   Moving to Ireland with a child with special needs (Blog)

   Keian's story so far... (Blog)

   Moving to Ireland, from a Teenager

   Moving to Ireland as a single parent (Blog)

   Big Big Links - Ideas of places things to do with children


 Medical in Ireland - Medical in Ireland, how it works, where to get assistance, Maternity and Private medical

  Intro to Medical in Ireland

  Private Medical Insurance

   Maternity care in Ireland

   HSE Homebirth with Midwives (Natural Birth) (Blog)

   Lara & Caitlin - Love at first sight! (Natural birth) (Blog)

   If we stayed in SA, we may never had received our blessing, called Chris (C-Sec) (Blog)

   Giving birth to Maddison- (C-Sec) (Blog)


Starting a Business in Ireland - The ins and outs of starting a business in Ireland: Which stamps have persmission to run a business in Ireland, South African Passport holders and business, EU/Irish/British & Stamp4, Stamp4EUFam, Stamp5, and business, Food businesses in Ireland

    Which Residency Stamps can Start a Business in Ireland?

   Starting a business in Ireland- Stamp4, Stamp4EUfam and Stamp5

   Food Business in Ireland (BLOG)

    Selling or advertising food online- Food Safety Authority Ireland

Family Reunification Document -  Extended family members of Irish and Work permit holders, we have gone through this 71 page document page by page with a breakdown and information. For Eu passport holders and British passport holders your family reunification is held under a different set of rules. (See Information by your passport type)

  Family Reunification: Bringing Non EU family to stay if you have an Irish passports or the sponsor is Non EU - the basics

   Family Reunification (Moving non EU family to Ireland) - Everything you need to know

Animals and Plants - Read blogs from people who have brought pets and "pet plants" into Ireland in the blogs section. What do you need to know about owning a pet in Ireland.

Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency, Naturalisation Wills, Death, Guardianship and Residency  - What is Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency and Naturalisation

   Habitual Residence

   Permanent residency and Naturalisation

   Retention of South African Citizenship

   Wills, Death, Guardianship and Residency


   Animals: The care of and rules within Ireland

   Bringing your pets by Ferry to Ireland (Blog)

   Bringing your "pet plants" to Ireland

   Do it yourself immigrating to Ireland with Pets (Blog)

   Moving with our feathered friend (Blog)

   Cape Town to Dublin - Fred and Ginger’s international travel (Blog)

   Animal Travel to Ireland: A complete guide (Blog)



Living in Ireland:

Motivation or Support, or getting to know Ireland- various articles and Blogs

   (HGV Driver on GWP) When Irish laws change as you are about to move (BLOG)

   Getting Winter Ready

   Saffa to Irish and Irish to Saffa translations (Blog)

   Tips to literally live by - weird and wonderful advice by people just like you! (Blog)

   Plants and Goggas that could bug you in Ireland

   Ek is trots Ierland (BLOG)

   Getting to know Ireland before you land (Blog)


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Motivational blogs by our members:

(You are welcome to add your story. Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have it added)

   Member's picture Gallery

   Solitary confinement with Benefits

   Our 1st year in the Rebel County

   Our first 100 days in Ireland after 8 months apart

   The possible impact of the big move... the effects on relationships and during Covid

   All I want for Christmas is...

   What do you mean I have PTSD?

   Moving to Ireland - The older generation

   "You are a traitor" and other guilt trips sponsored by immigration (BLOG)

   South African and Ineligible. The Heartbreak. (BLOG)

   (Covid Travel) How we nearly missed the dreaded Covid nose invasion… but didn’t (BLOG)

   Shall I stay or shall I go? (Blog)

   Are we there yet? (Blog)

   The Emotional cost of leaving South Africa (Blog)

   Grandparents immigration tale from CT to Cork (Covid Travel) (Blog)

   Ireland is not for Everyone! Find your Sheeple! (Blog)

   Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (Blog)

   (Covid Travel) The way it was meant to be (Blog)

   The Kraemer Family in Ireland (Covid Travel) (Blog)

   An overview of catching a repatriation flight and what to expect (Covid Travel) (Blog)

    Journey, hope and future (Blog)

   The Hajek Journey to Ireland (Blog)

   When you miss everything, even the Hadida... even after 5 years! (Blog)

   Work permit changed from GWP to CSEP (Covid Travel) (Blog)

   Family on Repatriation flight during Covid-19 (Covid Travel) (Blog)


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