All family members are South African only passport holders

South African passports- Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

In this section we will look at the paths of coming to Ireland if you and your immediate family do not have Irish/ EU or British Passports: you all hold SA passports.


  • At entry, Border Management Unit (BMU) will discuss your reason for entry and stamp into your passport up to a maximum of 90days.


  • At entry this stamp makes it clear you are NOT allowed to work, seek work and engage in business, unless you are given expressed permission to do so.


  • This entry is for holiday purposes only. (Exception will be coming for a job interview.) See Visiting Ireland for more info on that here


To come to Ireland for the residence longer than 90 days, usually for the purpose of immigration/ residency, for the purpose of work, business, study or retirement you will need to investigate one of these 4 most regularly used options for a visa:


   Work Permits

  1. Work Permit skills lists: Am I eligible and SOC codes
  2. Critical skills work permits how they work: The Basics of applying
  3. Critical skills going deeper into the information and getting a job offer and work permit
  4. General Work permits how they work: The Basics of applying
  5. General Work permits going deeper into the information and getting a job offer and work permit
  6. General Work permits how to get your family processed when they arrive after 12 months
  7. Spouses and Children of Work permits and their Stamps explained


   Study Permits


   Business and Investors Stamps


   Retirement and Stamp 0



Important links:


  #MapMyMove- Our coaching Services - Confused or lost and need some direction, book a session with us to help untangle the confusion and work out your route of immigration

    Admin before the move

    Admin once you're in Ireland



Other less used visa types here, usually short-term or limited conditions visas:

  • Intra-company transfer
  • Internship Employment Permit
  • Sport and Cultural Employment Permit
  • Exchange Agreement Employment Permit
  • Atypical Work permit scheme- Nurses
  • Atypical Work permit scheme- Doctors


Immigration Information for South Africans moving to the Republic of Ireland, All South African passport holders and options to move to Ireland


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