European Union Passport holders and South African family members

EU/EEA passport holders and South African family members Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

How the EU treaty process works:

   Information on the process - A summary of the EU Treaty process

   4 routes of the EU Treaty - Choosing between the 4 types of the EU Treaty application: Employed, Self-emplyed, Self-Sufficient or Study

   For a deeper look at the Proofs needed for EU Treaty

   For a deeper look at Dependants under the EU Treaty - Who qualifies as your dependant and what proof do you need?

   Summary of the EU Directive (EU Treaty) - The EU law that covers this move and a print off for your travel for airlines and airport staff

   Starting a Business in Ireland - For the EU member or their spouse/partner to go self-employed


How to do the paperwork for the EU treaty process:

  Mock-up of the EUTR1 form- Qualifying Members - How to fill in the form

   Mock-up of the EUTR1A form- Permitted Members - How to fill in the form


What to do, when, on the EU Treaty Process

   EU treaty step by step once you are in Ireland - A summary of the Steps as they play out from day1 to 5 years later

   Register at Garda Immigration -  How to register at Garda Immigration and Renewals of Residency stamps



Special Dependancy Applications under the EU treaty process:

   Bringing non EU parents with under EU Treaty - Specific information on who and what proof is required for an elderly relative

   De Facto (unmarried) Partners and proofs required under EU Treaty - Paperwork needed to prove 2 year relationship and living together for non-married couples


Change of Circumstances once you are in Ireland:

   Change of Circumstances - The "what if" the relationship status or some changes with the EU member


 Permanent Residence and Naturalisation:

   Permanent Residence and Naturalisation - How this works and how to prepare yourself from day 1 for five years time


British Sponsor exercising EU Treaty rights in Ireland, Prior to Brexit.

Their Dependants fall under EU Treaty

  British sponsor was Exercising EU treaty rights PRIOR to Brexit 31st Dec 2020



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