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The things you want to do ONCE you are in Ireland

"the truth is that there is a lot to deal with and get through,

you have to be on your A-game from start to finish.

An international move isn't just about what you need to

ENTER the country,

it's what you need to REMAIN in the country,

and this is where the trees start piling up for paper"

Tiffany S



1. Things to do soon after arrival

 How do I do all the things that are needed to set up our lives in Ireland?


1a. Register at Garda Immigration - How to register at Garda Immigration and Renewals of Residency stamps



1b.a. Finding a Home 

Finding a home: Renting Including Rental and Pet CV templates

Finding a home: Buying property and building - A Deeper look at how to buy a house in Ireland and what this involves

Areas- What the Saffas say about where they live

Rentals and How to find one from an ex Agent in Ireland

Housing crisis in Ireland, what is this about?

How we decided where to live

What is the climate/weather like around the different parts of Ireland?


1.b.b. Setting up your home

Proof of Address

Heating and Power

Waste Removal

TV Licence

Internet, home phone, mobile phone, and TV

Water in Ireland

Home Contents and/or Buildings Insurance

Gardening, Household and Cleaning/Upkeep expenses


1c. Finding Employment 

Getting Employed: CV writing and Recruiters 

1) focussing on CV writing, registration and recognition of qualifications

2) specifically how to find employment, employers and recruiters


Work permits going deeper into the information and getting a job offer whilst still in SA - A deeper look at finding employment for a work permit holder, but may have  some helpful tips for EU/Irish/British passport holders too


Labour laws - whats different to SA?


How to find work in Ireland in certain careers - Registering with certain bodies and finding work from our Facebook members


1d.a. PPS number and PSC card - What is a PPS number and how and when can I apply for one?


1d.b PPS Tips to getting your PPS approved quickly - some how to on how to make sure your PPS number is approved


1d.c. Tax (Revenue), PRSI, USC, Pensions and Customs - Various aspects of tax and getting registered once you have your PPS


1e. Driving in Ireland - The most important requirements to Drive legally/ own a vehicle in Ireland

  1. Drivers licence
    1. Letter of Entitlement
    2. How to Exchange your South African licence
  2. Car insurance in your name for that vehicle
  3. NCT on the vehicle (National Car Test)
  4. Car/ Motor tax on the vehicle
  5. Car seats for children
  6. Rules of the road and Penalty points
  7. Links to all the official sources on the above topics


1f. Banking in Ireland - Everything relating to Banking in Ireland


1g. Animals and Plants - Read blogs from people who have brought pets and "pet plants" into Ireland in the blogs section. What do you need to know about owning a pet in Ireland.



2. How things work in Ireland

How does Ireland work compared to things I know so well in South Africa?


2a. Public Transport - Buses, Trains and Taxis in Ireland and how to get from the airports to where you are staying

1. Airport to accomodation

2. Day to day travel- most of Ireland

3. Day to day travel- Dublin


2b. Children in Ireland (Costs & Education) - Everything to do with rearing children, costs and education

Schooling in Ireland - The basics on how school works and the grades

Enrollment at School - How to get your child in to a school

Homeschooling - Curriculum and how to Home School

Types of Schools - The different types of schools in Ireland

Supports and transport - Special Needs supports and Transportation to school

Third-level Education (Tertiary) - 3rd Level Education for children or adults

Pre-School - How pre-school works in Ireland

ECCE and Childcare in Ireland - The Early Childhood Care and Education and Childcare/ Aftercare

The Cost of children in Ireland - Everything relating to the costs of bringing up children in Ireland

Children with Special Needs

Educate Together Schools - A specific type of schooling system available across parts of Ireland

Child Benefit & Habitual Residence - Looking deeper at Habitual Residence, Child Benefit and HRC1 form


2c. Medical in Ireland 

Medical in Ireland - Medical in Ireland, how it works, where to get assistance, the ins and outs of the "medical crisis"

Maternity care

Private Medical Insurance

Blogs from our SA community regarding emergency and other medical care they received in Ireland



3. Long term life in Ireland

If I'm planning to be here for a long time what should I start preparing for and how do things work for my family?


3a. Family Reunification Document -  Extended family members of Irish and Work permit holders, we have gone through this 71 page document page by page with a breakdown and information. For EU passport holders and British passport holders your family reunification is held under a different set of rules. (See Information by your passport type)


3b. Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency, Naturalisation and Becoming an Irish Citizen - What is Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Change in circumstances (on death/divorce/separation of the sponsor and spouse/De facto partner or the sponsor leaving the state), Permanent residency, how to Naturalise Irish and Foreign Birth registration


3c. Starting a Business in Ireland - The ins and outs of starting a business in Ireland: Which stamps have permission to run a business in Ireland, South African Passport holders and business, EU/Irish/British & Stamp4, Stamp4EUFam, Stamp5, and business, Food businesses in Ireland



Important links:


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