Admin once you’re in Ireland

Admin once you have moved:

The things you may need to do once you are in Ireland

Setting up Home - From how to find a house, how to avoid housing scams, what is the housing crisis, how to find a home that accepts pets, the RTB and who they are and what they do, how to buy a home, BER ratings, setting up utlity bills, how to use a boiler, gas/ electric/ oil/ solar, pre-pay vs bills, waste removal, getting TV set up, TV licence, Internet and Mobile phones, insurances, and why are utility bills so important

Employment - A few articles on CV writing,  how to find work, getting employed and all things related to employment like, tax, pensions, USC, labour laws etc

PPS number - What is a PPS number and how and when can I apply for one?

Driving in Ireland and everything related to it - Owning a car, exchanging licence, Motor tax,  NCT, Car seats, Learner's licence, License codes and categories, Penalty points, Road Rules and Car Insurance

Banking in Ireland - Everything relating to Banking in Ireland

Public Transport - Buses, Trains and Taxis in Ireland

Children in Ireland (& Education) - Everything to do with rearing children and education: Several articles about Children, schooling, home schooling, the costs of children, special needs children, tertiary education, types of schools, ECCE, childcare, child benefit etc

Medical in Ireland - Medical in Ireland, how it works, where to get assistance, Maternity and Private medical

Starting a Business in Ireland - The ins and outs of starting a business in Ireland: Which stamps have persmission to run a business in Ireland, South African Passport holders and business, EU/Irish/British & Stamp4, Stamp4EUFam, Stamp5, and business, Food businesses in Ireland

Family Reunification Document -  Extended family members of Irish and Work permit holders, we have gone through this 71 page document page by page with a breakdown and information. For Eu passport holders and British passport holders your family reunification is held under a different set of rules. (See Information by your passport type)

Animals and Plants - Read blogs from people who have brought pets and "pet plants" into Ireland in the blogs section. What do you need to know about owning a pet in Ireland.

Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency and Naturalisation - What is Habitual Residence, Means Testing, Benefits, Permanent residency and Naturalisation


Important links:

   Admin Before the Move - What needs doing before you leave South Africa

   Contacts and Big Big Links - Department contact numbers and emails, and a full list of resources to assist you in your move

Please note during Covid-19, a 14 day quarantine applies when you arrive in Ireland. Please see this link for VITAL info:   Covid-19 updates