FBR application if you are pregnant

Foreign Birth regsitration- The process of getting your Irish passport through ancestry (Grandparent usually)

If you are pregnant, you can get this process done faster so that your Unborn Child is also then eligible for irish Citizenship at birth



June/ July 2021 - Made contact with my granddad living in Northern Ireland and asked him for the necessary documents from his side. He was beyond happy to send me absolutely everything - even more than what I asked for (he sent for both himself and my deceased Granny)

5 December 2021 - I made a post on the SA2IRE facebook group about being pregnant and doing the FRB application, and was informed by a few members that I could get the process expedited, however I wasn't entirely sure how to go about doing it

10 December 2021 - Online application done and paid for

End-December 2021 - Megan let me know that I can email the Irish Embassy in PTA, SA and inform them of my pregnancy and they would be able to assist with expediting the process

7 January 2022 - Emailed the Irish Embassy in PTA about my application and pregnancy via their online auto email tool

10 January 2022 - A lovely lady by the name of Doreen contacted me to tell me everything that I needed to submit with the application in support of the pregnancy claim

21 January 2022 - Finally got every single document ready, I emailed it over to Doreen to confirm, she gave me the thumbs up and I raced over to Postnet to courier the application over.

24 January 2022 - Doreen got the documents

28 January 2022 - Doreen confirmed that the docs were sent to Ireland FBR department this date

03 February 2022 - Email from Ireland FBR Department stating that the application was being worked on and that I need to confirm my address



Here is a full update on my Foreign Birth Registration application for those in similar situations and, well, because every small step counts and I am so excited that I can finally tick this off!

After months of sitting with my (Irish born) Granddad's documents, and managing to get my hands on all my mom's and then finally most of my own documents (you are required to send 2 x proof of address and all our accounts and stuff are in my husband's name, and I thought I needed to send my married surname ID card, but to date I still have not received it), I saved up the R5000+ for the application and finally did the online application on 10 December 2021.

But, special note, I am also pregnant and due in June 2021, and with all my heart I wish I had known and did this before my first was born, but I didn't, so I didn't want to miss out for my second to have 'instant' citizenship.

So, with lots of searching online and asking in the comments, one of our MVP's gave me the straight and to the point answer that I honestly didn't even consider: IRE EMBASSY in PTA! I emailed them two minutes after the recommendation (friday, 7 Jan 2022) and by the Monday (10 Jan 2022) morning I had an answer: "Send your application and supporting docs to me, and we will send it to IRE from here with a special note"
I had to get an updated sonogram and write a letter which detailed that I am pregnant and when my due date is, I also had to get a letter from my gynie stating the same thing"

On 21 Jan 2021 I had my detailed scan appointment, and the sonograms got printed and emailed to you, so I sent one to the amazingly helpful lady at the embassy (Doreen), who gave me the thumbs up for the scan.

I then emailed my son's pediatrician's accounts lady to find out if she would put the account into my name for a minute and send it to me - which she happily did! (I have been lucky to deal with the best).

Now I have my 2 proof of addresses, my updated sonogram scan, letter from Dr and personal letter (really just a cover letter), and all the rest of the documents needed.

I must also add that on that I mention that I used the doctor account on a Facebook post in SA2IRE group, and one of the members noted that this might be an issue, so anxious me contacted Doreen and told her about the account and will it be accepted, and that I was just waiting for my latest bank statement to become available and once it was I would email it to her to add to the application. I emailed it on Friday, 28 Jan 2022 - the day the application was sent to IRE. I cannot say with all certainty whether it was added to the pack or not, so I thought I would just mention it.

Application was sent to IRE on 28 Jan, and by 3 Feb 2022, I recieved the following email from FBR Department:
Dear [applicant name]

I am reviewing and expediting your application for Foreign Births Registration as you are an expectant parent.
Before I approve the application can you confirm your address by return email?
Once approved and printed your FBR certificate and original documents will be returned to Embassy of Ireland in Pretoria who in turn will contact you to arrange for the safe return of them to you.

Yours sincerely

I pretty much immediately replied when I saw the email, and just got a "Thank you" as a reply - just by way of FYI.

Now I wait for the official outcome - I am pretty sure that it will be approved either way, as both my grandparents were born in Northern Ireland, and I made sure to tie any and all loose ends. They didn't request any further information either.

If anyone is interested in what documents I sent in, here is my cover letter which also doubled as my 'personal confirmation of pregnancy'.

I truly hope this helps someone else, and I wish everyone the best!

This is definitely just a drop in the ocean when it comes to immigrating, but it truly is a big weight off my shoulders, and I am beyond happy that this is (almost) done!

Once I have the official outcome and have my hands on the certificate, I will update! Because next on my To Immigrate Do List is that Passport :)


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