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* Utility bills and what to expect

* Permanent residency and Naturalisation

* Step by step Guidelines on completing EUTR1 form

* Getting to know Ireland before you land

* Renewing child passport where 1 parent is in SA

* Home schooling in Ireland

* Buying property in Ireland

* Cost of raising children (prior to secondary school)

* Budgets

* Full guide on Renting as a Saffa

* Starting a business in Ireland

* Big big helpful Links (359 links to 176 topics)

* Public Transport System

* Paperwork needed

* ECCE Pre-school progam

* Change of circumstances during EU Treaty

* Letter of invitation

* Maternity care in Ireland

* Home Affairs Documents

* Checklist of things to do before the move

* Bringing non EU Parents under EU Treaty

* Who needs to apply for retention of Citizenship

* Who qualifies for Irish citizenship

* Helpful contact details

* Private Medical Insurance

* Schooling in Ireland - Supports, Types and Enrollment

* De facto relationships

* Documents for Ireland

* Proofs required for EUTR1 (EU1) & EU1A forms

*Who is dependent under EU Treaty rights

Further detail and information on most of the free pages


Downloadable application forms (EU Treaty, Child benefit & Habitual residence, Traveling with a minor from SA, Change of circumstances, Permanent residency and Naturalisation)

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