FBR application if you are pregnant

Foreign Birth regsitration- The process of getting your Irish passport through ancestry (Grandparent usually)

If you are pregnant, you can get this process done faster so that your Unborn Child is also then eligible for irish Citizenship at birth

HSE Homebirth with Midwives (Natural Birth)

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Moving to a new country is a scary move for a multitude of reasons, even more so if you find out you have fallen pregnant before knowing all the ins and outs of the new system, whether it be medical, financial or otherwise. My experience of being pregnant in Ireland and giving birth here, was nothing but positive and I was incredibly happy with the service I received at the Hospital, from the wonderful midwives, from my GP and at home. Here is my story.

Love at first sight! (Natural birth)

There was always the idea of maybe having another child, we have 2 kids already, a girl who is 10 and a boy who is 5, the timing was right 5 year difference between them and then there would be a 5 year gap between the baby and my youngest, my husband and I are also 5 years apart in age, so let's just roll with these 5 year age gaps.

We found out in the beginning of 2019 that we were pregnant, what exciting news, luckily for me I had my sister in law who was almost due with her 3rd aswell that could hold my hand through all the steps needed as this was my 1st baby in Ireland. From start to finish it was a great experience, I could literally give birth a thousand times, nothing more special than bringing a new life into this world.

Giving birth during a nursing strike

Medical in Ireland, Maternity care - Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

When my husband and I started dating, very soon into our relationship (I actually think we were about 2 or 3 weeks in), he asked me where do I see the relationship going. I think we were chatting on MIRC or whatever the way was to chat back then. He was at work and I was sitting in the lounge at home. My answer was simple: "One day you and I will be having a discussion on whether we are having a 3rd child or not. He nearly fell off his chair, but 2018 was the year that proved me right.

Giving birth to Maddison- (C-Sec)

Medical in Ireland, Maternity care- C Sec - Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

Originally from Johannesburg. For anyone to truly understand,  I would have to give a tiny background story.

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