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The things you want BEFORE moving to Ireland

"the truth is that there is a lot to deal with and get through,

you have to be on your A-game from start to finish.

An international move isn't just about what you need to

ENTER the country,

it's what you need to REMAIN in the country,

and this is where the trees start piling up for paper"

Tiffany S




SA passport holders cannot fly without a visa


NEW VISA- what we know so far- updates will be here



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1. The Paperwork from Home Affairs

If you are even THINKING of moving anywhere in the world...Number 1... get your Home Affairs documents right at the start. These can take a LONG time to get so prepare early!


1a. Home Affairs Documents - Home Affairs documents and what is the difference between Abridged/Unabridged/Full and Vault? Which document is which and what do I need? Do documents need to be apostilled?


1b. Home Affairs Agents and Contacts - A list of contacts and agents who deal with Home Affairs documents created and recommended by our Facebook page members


 1c. South African Passport renewals in SA and Ireland - Vital information about passport renewals and applications. Get this done in South Africa well in advance.



2. The other paperwork

This is all the bits of paper that will fill up a file and you could be asked for at any point, so be prepared. Some of this you absolutely NEED, some of it is good to have!


2a. Documents for Ireland - A list of recommended documents to arrange before leaving South Africa


2b. Checklist of things to do before you move - We have produced a unique checklist of things to make sure you have done before leaving South Africa


2c. Summary of the EU Directive (EU Treaty) - For EU Treaty members, a summary of the Directive highlighting the important parts, this is often needed on leaving SA airports where they may ask for a visa- Print this off if you are an EU treaty moving family


2d. Police Clearance, Tax Clearance and Driver's licence letter of Entitlement - Must have, good to have or don't bother? Do you want to get these JUST IN CASE?


2f. De Facto (unmarried) Partners or Newly married - If you are an Unmarried couple, what documents to prepare for your move? This is MUST HAVE paperwork, and some require a pre-clearance visa. Newly married people might want to consider bringing this proof with them, whilst you do not need a pre-clearance visa, your marriage can be under scrutiny as it can look like "marriage of convenience" or a "sham marriage"



3. Preparing to fly

What paperwork do you need to actually leave South Africa and then to land in Ireland?



3a. Visiting Ireland - As South African, what documents do I need to enter Ireland on holiday, business trip, conference or job interview?


3b. Letter of Invitation - For family joining (family who are already in Ireland and you are joining them) or coming on Holiday or to attend a Job Interview


3c.a. Entry in to Ireland - To enter in to Ireland, what documents do I need?


3c.b. Tips on the Flying Process - How and what to do and say at each stage of the flying process from SA to Ireland


3c.c I'm a South African passport holder, do I need a visa to go to the EU and/or UK? - A question that gets asked regularly on visas to the EU and Uk from Ireland once people are resident in Ireland


3d. Flights from South Africa to Ireland - Airlines and routes from South Africa to Ireland, Baggage and allowances, one way flights and the flying process- what paperwork to present when and what happens at each stage



4. Things you may want to consider before you leave

Some research you may want to go over before you leave to ensure you are prepared


4a. Budgets - How to look at Budgeting your new life in Ireland? Can I actually afford the move? Can we actually afford to live in Ireland?


4b. Employment - A few articles on CV writing,  how to find work, getting employed and all things related to employment like, tax, pensions, USC, labour laws etc


4c. Retention of SA citizenship - A basic review of your South African citizenship and retaining it if you choose to


4d. What should I or can I bring with me to Ireland? (and sending goods back to SA) - A guide on shipping goods to Ireland and what you should bring or leave, and on Customs when you fly into Ireland and what you can or can't bring with you



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  #MapMyMove- Our coaching Services - Confused or lost and need some direction, book a session with us to help untangle the confusion and work out your route of immigration

   Admin once you're in Ireland - The next step in the process


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