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   Resources for this topic- Immigration related- all the links that relate to each route of the immigration process

   Resources for this topic- Banking related - Some links to banking related topics

   Resources for this topic- Car buying and Car Insurance related - list of all the car insurance companies and car buying and driving related websites

   Resources for this topic- Customs and Imports - Some links to customs and imports related topics

   Resources for this topic- Education related - Links to child benefits, childcare, ECCE, preschool, homeschooling, National school, secondaary school and third-level education

   Resources for this topic- Medical related - Loads of links to anything medical

   Resources for this topic- Pensions related - Some links to pension related topics

   Resources for this topic- PPS related - Some links to PPS related topics

   Resources for this topic- PSRI and Tax related - Some links to PSRI and Tax related topics

   Resources for this topic- Public Transport related - Some links relating to Public Transport

   Resources for this topic- Recruitment related - Links to recruiters and recruitment sites

   Resources for this topic- Residential related - Links to habitual residence, home assistance, rental and buying websites, rent scams and mediation

   Resources for this topic- Shopping related - Links to shops and online sites of various types

   Resources for this topic- Short-term Accomodation related - Links to online sites to find short-term accomodation

   Resources for this topic- Special Needs People related - Links to getting assistance with various special needs and disabilities, adults and children

   Resources for this topic- Utility bills related - Loads of links to setting up and the various companies that provide your utilities

    Resources for this topic- Business in Ireland - Loads of links to setting up a business in Ireland

  Resources for this topic- Ideas of places things to do with children - Loads of links to various places by county in Ireland to take children for fun events



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