Step By Step Immigration

The Step By Step approach on this journey from South Africa to Ireland:


1. Am I eligible to move to Ireland?

This can only be answered by what passports you hold:

Do you or your spouse hold an Irish, British or EU passport, or are you all South African?

Irish and South African Passports

British and South African Passports

EU and South African Passports

If you hold South African passports, is your career eligible for a work permit? This step is VITAL for SA passport holders, because sadly if your career is not eligible, or if you do not like the terms and conditions of a given type of work permit, applying for work is just a waste of time. Please check and be certain on your SOC code being eligible.

South African only Passports


2. Home Affairs in SA

Home Affairs Documents

Home Affairs Agents and Contacts

South African Passport renewals in SA and Ireland  

Retention of SA citizenship


3. You have determined eligibility, what next?



4. What can we expect the move to cost and a monthly budget to live in Ireland?



5. How do things work in Ireland and what do I need to investigate to see if it suits us?

Children in Ireland (& Education)

Medical in Ireland 

Family Reunification Document

Starting a Business in Ireland

Moving Animals and Plants 


6. Paperwork to gather and things to do before your big move:

Checklist of things to do before you move

Documents for Ireland

Police Clearance, Tax Clearance and Driver's licence letter of Entitlement

De Facto (unmarried) Partners and Proofs required

What should I or can I bring with me to Ireland? (and sending goods back to SA)

Banking in Ireland- have you opened a non-resident account?


7. Preparing to fly:

Visiting Ireland

Letter of Invitation

Entry in to Ireland

Tips on the Flying Process

Flights from South Africa to Ireland


8. You have now landed in Ireland, what to do first?:

Register at Garda Immigration

Setting up Home

PPS number and PSC card

Driving in Ireland and everything related to it

Banking in Ireland


9. Now you have been in Ireland a while and you want to look to your future:

Habitual Residence

Means Testing & Benefits

Permanent residency

Naturalisation and Becoming an Irish Citizen


  Our coaching Services - Confused or lost and need some direction, book a session with us to help untangle the confusion and work out your route of immigration


This is broken down into pre-move and post-move documentation and processes:

   Admin before the move

   Admin once you are in Ireland



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