Medical in Ireland: Our SA community's experiences

Experience of medical in Ireland of Fibromyalgia


To begin, I suffer from a chronic pain and fatigue condition, called Fibromyalgia. Every so often, I get a debilitating flare up - to the point that I can't even get out of bed.


Experience of medical in Ireland as a registered GP and a Dad

Image Copyright: Cassandra Weir
Just wanted to share my experience of the Irish public health system. Have read some negative comments and would like to shed light on my experience, primarily as a parent and also as a registered medical practitioner working in Ireland.

Emergency care for young kids

We all know kids are prone to bumps and falls... how to deal with these?

Thyroid Cancer- During a Pandemic

Thyroid cancer... 1 Member's journey of Thyroid cancer March 2020- May2021


Image Copyright: Cheryl Dreyer

I landed in Ireland with my hubby and two small boys in August 2016. I was fit and healthy and, as the British passport holder sponsoring my SA family's immigration through the EU treaty route, I was (and am!) determined to fulfil my obligation to hold down work, no matter what. I took on any work I could find, including serving customers and washing dishes at the local chipper and caring for elderly people with dementia, finally landing a job as a school secretary. Two years since arriving in Ireland and a few months into my new job I unfortunately received an unexpected diagnosis.


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