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Food Business in Ireland

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Food Business in Ireland- How to set up a Food business in Ireland

So you arrive in Ireland, thousands of miles away from the place you once called home. Its cold, its wet, its miserable and very unfamiliar to name but a few uncomfortable truths but you slowly get used to it one day at a time. One thing you struggle to get used to though is not being able to buy all those handy little things that were widely available at every shop or garage in South Africa.

That packet of biltong or droëwors you quickly grab on the go or popping into the home bakery shop to top up the tin of rusks or grab a milktart and some koeksisters to have when friends drop in for a cuppa. Soon you’re scouring good ould Google for recipes and tuturials on how to make these treats yourself after you saw the astronomical prices being charged by the handful of Saffas that actually already make and sell these treats in Ireland, and before long you’re bragging to your family and friends about your new found skill on the nearest social media page.

This is easy you think, and soo much cheaper than buying and then suddenly the idea spring to mind. But I can make a bit of money with this. Everybody thinks my latest batch of biltong is just fabulous so I’ll just make a bigger batch next time and sell it which I can do for half the price than what the establised Biltong suppliers charge. If this sound familiar and you’ve thought about starting your own food business in Ireland, even only on a small scale, you have much more than just making and selling to keep in mind.

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