#Our turn!!


It was #OurTurn to leave for Ireland on Saturday evening from Joburg, 31 July 2021.

EU Treaty and De Facto!! RING THAT BELL!

Image Copyright: Cariska Dicks

On the 11th June 2021 my partner, got his 5 year letter. Almost exactly six months after we arrived in Ireland. It was probably one of the biggest “Ring the Bell” moments in our lives together. I represented almost a year of hard work, endless effort & dogged determination. And, yes, days of crippling doubt…

Bringing dependent parents under EU Treaty - our experience


I would like to share bit of information regarding bringing my mother and father in law to Ireland as dependents on myself and my husband.

Our 1st year in the Rebel County

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After visiting our daughter and son in law in Bandon, Co Cork, for a month end 2018, we were sold. Belinda and I made a vow flying back to SA that we would never say good bye to Ireland again. Next time would be permanent!

Our first 100 days in Ireland after 8 months apart

Truth be told, we tried to immigrate 2019/2020 to the Uk. We spent 8 months apart with my husband in the UK working 2 jobs 7 days a week. During that time we were scammed twice, my daughter's (1 year old) hair started falling out, my son was an unhappy boy and myself, well I just kept pushing hoping we will see my husband soon. Covid happened in the UK and at that time my father inlaw was diagnosed with Cancer, so we decided my husband should come back home. Months passed after he was home and we decided on the move to the beautiful Ireland.

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