A message of hope to all spouses of CSEP holders seeking employment...



If you are reading this then like me you have supported, encouraged and motivated your spouse in their journey towards obtaining CSEP and like me you also know the reality, realization and fear of eventually leaving your job in SA. More so if you have spent years at university and are doing very well In your career and now the realization has set in of either not being able to continue, as you are, or you are not appropriately qualified or there simply are no jobs in your field or work... 

Managing your Expectations


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"Expecting life to always turn out the way you want is guaranteed to lead to disappointment because life will not always turn out the way you want it to. And when those unfulfilled expectations involve the failure of other people to behave the way you expect them to, the disappointment also involves resentment." - The Psychology of Expectations

If your EXPECTATIONS are too high, too wide, that this island will be another or better South Africa, or if you expect that this island is perfect... you WILL BE DISAPOINTED! Its a beautiful life if you let Ireland in.

Drop expectation at the airport when you leave SA... carry your family and your bags... and be OPEN to a new experience.

Navigating the rollercoaster of "In the Beginning"

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Navigating the rollercoaster of "In the beginning"

It’s been lovely reading everyone’s blogs on SA2Eire. And it’s great to know we are not alone in finding the whole experience really challenging!

It has certainly not been smooth sailing in our household. Packing up and saying goodbye to all we knew and loved was so hard. I was very angry that COVID had forced us into this position where we had to sell our home and everything else and move away in the hope my husband would have easier access to travel for his work.

The possible impact of the big move... the effects on relationships and during Covid

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The possible impact of the big move...

You sit down with your partner/husband and decide to do the unthinkable, the big move. The move that is going to change your life, his life, the life of your kids and your friends and family you leave behind. You make it over to Ireland during Covid-19, you made it through the good days, tears, heartache and the unknown.  Within 3 months, you have a job, a bank account, secured rental, utility bills set up, a PPS number, child benefits and even a temp Stamp4eufam if you are an EU family member.

What do you mean I have PTSD?

 Image Copyright: Candice Clayton Viveiro

What do you mean I have PTSD? Let me start off by saying, I have zero qualifications to make that statement. It's more my interpretation of what I felt and what many other members have said they felt. This is not a medical assessment and this article should under no circumstances be read as anything more than an opinion piece.

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