British passport holders and South African family members

British passport holders and South African family members Immigration information for South Africans moving, immigrating, visiting or working in the Republic of Ireland

There will be 2 parts to this based on Brexit 31st Dec 2020


British Sponsor exercising EU Treaty rights in Ireland, Prior to Brexit .

Their Dependants fall under EU Treaty.

   British sponsor was Exercising EU treaty rights PRIOR to Brexit 31st Dec 2020



British Sponsor exercising EU treaty rights in Ireland, Post Brexit

Their Dependants fall under the New Policy Document:

   Introduction to the process

  •    Who can a UK passport holder sponsor?
  •    What the Uk Sponsor needs to do
  •    Preclearance and application thereof

   SA2EIRE a full breakdown of the policy document: Scheme in relation to Non EEA Family Members of UK Citizens intending to reside in the State

  •    Specified categories of non-EEA family members of a UK citizen may apply under this Scheme
  •    Who can apply under this scheme
  •    Detailed Guidelines- inlcuding the financial requirements, health insurance and police clearances
  •    Eligible family members
  •    Eligibility requirements
  •    Change in circumstances
  •    Documents required and a checklist for South African dependants
  •    The Application Process
  •    Registration and fees once in Ireland
  •    Unsuccessful applications
  •    Paperwork preparation and a checklist for South Africans

   British and Non EU supporting documents and requirements

  •    Documentation required from all applicants and the requirements and formats of those documents
  •    Documents specific to relationship types
  •    Finances and how to prove them

   Checklist of documents needed for this application

  •    Checklist of documents to make it easy for you to gather these documents

   See Details of application form

  •   Screenshots and detailed step by step of the application



   #MapMyMove- Our coaching Service - confused or lost and need some direction?


Please note during Covid-19, a 14 day quarantine applies when you arrive in Ireland. Please see this link for VITAL info:   Covid-19 updates

*Particular note: where you see Ireland is back to Visa free entry this does NOT apply to British and SA moving under the New Policy document- you still need that approval letter BEFORE coming to Ireland for the SA dependants


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