#MapMyMove Package 1

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€ 25.00
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17 June 2021 - 17 June 2025 17 June 2021 17 June 2025

#MapMyMove Package 1

* This Package is for people who are paid members on this site

We will send you a questionnaire that you complete and send back to us.

This questionnaire serves a double purpose.
1. It allows us to ensure you are eligible to move before you pay and
2. It gives us the background information we need for the session. It frees up the hour to focus where you need it, rather than still staying to gather this information.

After the map, we will send you links that pertain to your answers and you can sit back and go through those links only on the site. Pages we supply in the links will relate only to the answers you give to the questions asked, so you can effectively shut out the noise from excess information and you end up with what is a map to your specific circumstances in the move.

If you already established eligibility (someone has an EU/UK/Irish passport or you have confirmed you are eligible for a work permit) then you are welcome to proceed to payment. If you are unsure, please allow us to assess your answers in the questionnaire first before you pay anything.

The cost of this is €25

Please ensure that you are eligible before you select payment here. If you are unsure, please complete the form and send it to us BEFORE making payment. (To see if you would qualify click HERE ). This payment is non refundable, so please make sure you are eligible before you make the payment.

You can find the form HERE

Please allow between 1 and 2 weeks for an appointment.

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