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If your stamp / immigration status allows that you can be self employed then this opportunity could be for you.

I am a South African myself who made the move to Ireland for probably the same reasons as many of you, better opportunities for the family, safety for my children and to travel extensively. If you are looking to become your own CEO while leveraging the online space then this is where it's at.. You don't need to be tech savvy, all you need is the desire for change, the internet and either your smartphone or laptop.

Our business program will provide all the tools that you would need so that you can start and grow your very own business in the online world. The training was created by experts for regular people like me and you to have success in the online space.

You will learn how to leverage a system that is already proven to work by using different social media platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Tik Tok and more to come. Our training has absolutely everything that you would need to be able to use these platforms even if right now you don't have the knowledge to do it. You will learn and you will be helped every step of the way by your own mentor and strategist and a supportive global community. Yes that's right, you will have a mentor because we truly believe that this is the key to success when you start a business. Having a mentor that already has the knowledge and can guide you to reach your personal goals. You will never feel alone.

This business is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, earning multiple streams of income, never missing another milestone in your children's lives and the flexibility and financial freedom is more than most of us ever could dream of.

What is your part?

Advertising on social media and this is a skill that you can master because on top of the automatic system that we offer, training and your very own mentor we also have weekly masterminds with successful business owners that are earning 5 and even 6 figures monthly. They talk from experience and you will be amazed by the quality information that is shared in the masterminds. This business is so flexible that should you not make it for the masterminds you can always go back and watch the replays. We also have weekly live webinars and you will never feel alone as you would be part of a global community of over 165 000 like minded entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Our main supplier is a huge company that has 49 years experience in the health and wellness industry and we all know that this is the number one industry in the world.

The best part, their is absolutely no selling on your part, no need for inventory or stocks it's really so simple. We are not affiliated to any pyramid scheme nor MLM (multi level marketing) we run completely different to any other business out there and this is what makes us so highly successful. 

You would have access to a free 90 minute webinar and from there should you decide this is for you then you'll be asked to pay a fully refundable 149 dollar fee. This would give you access to our private facebook group where 165000 other members post their daily success stories and  share their experiences. You will access the online video based training explaining the business model in greater detail, explain how you would earn from up to 4 income streams and who our suppliers are. If within 30 days you decide this is not for you then you would immediately get a refund of your 149 dollars no questions asked.

This business is fully taxable and we would encourage everyone to get an accountant to look after your business especially after 6 -12 months when you start earning big bucks.


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Natalie Potgieter
Business Owner
Hi my name is Natalie and i would be your Mentor by assisting you with all the training and tools needed for your success in the online space.

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