Mandatory Quantine during Covid-19


Mandatory Quantine during Covid-19 Immigration Information for South Africans moving to, immigrating to, working in and visiting the Republic of Ireland, Immigration Information for South Africans moving to Ireland

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Note: As we see and get a chance to update we will do so, but as this is an extremely fluid situation, we may NOT get to create these alerts immediately.

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ALWAYS check the official sites before embarking on buying tickets and travelling to ensure no changes have occured!!!!!

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#last update here 15/6/21

All passengers who have flown from or through a Designated Country now need to go into Mandatory Quarantine. South Africa, and some of the countries that the airlines fly through are on the Designated Country list.

Citizens information:

"You should not travel to Ireland unless you have an essential reason for your travel.

If you have to travel to Ireland, you must have proof of a negative or ‘not detected’ COVID-19 Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test taken within 72 hours of your arrival.

By law, you must quarantine when you arrive into Ireland, unless your journey starts in Northern Ireland. Mandatory hotel quarantine is in place for arrivals from certain countries"


 Follow THIS Link for further information on MANDATORY QUARANTINE


If you are already in Ireland and want to travel to the EU on holiday... read here on the EU Digital Certificate

Entry Visas were required from January 2021 until the announcement on the 15/6/21 to say Entry Visas are now dropped.

ENTRY VISA's have been dropped to normal status again, pre-Covid times are back. (pre-clearance still applies to certain combos read below for clarity)

What does this mean?
So visa-free entry is better termed "Visa or Stamp at the border". This means you need to present at the border proof of what youre going to be doing in Ireland and it is at the discretion of the Border Management Officer to allow you into the country.
When you are flying from South Africa, the airlines are well used to the normal non-Covid visa-free entry into Ireland and will want to check your paperwork before they allow you on the aircraft.
The reason they do this, is should you be declined entry into Ireland, they must return you to South Africa. This check can happen mid-way through a lay-over too.
As there are no direct flights from South Africa to Ireland, you need to get a flight via another country. For example, if you fly via Dubai, the check-in staff in Dubai may do the same checks that they did or did not do in South Africa.
The airlines are fully within their rights to deny you boarding on their flights. Just like entry into Dublin, they can detain you, they can interrogate you and they can turn you around and send you home. Give yourself 3-4hours prior to departure in SA in case they have to call Dublin to do some checks before allowing you to board.
What paperwork is required?
In very brief summary:
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of accommodation in Ireland
  • Proof of Funds
  • Proof of Travel/Medical Insurance

And then MOST importantly: Your route/reason for entry

To come to Ireland for the residence longer than 90 days, usually for the purpose of immigration/ residency, for the purpose of work, business, study or retirement you will need to investigate YOUR route of potential immigration
You are NOT allowed to work, seek work and engage in business, unless you are given expressed permission to do so.
At this point Minister Humphreys say:
"Nationals of these countries should note that, even though they are no longer required to be in possession of an entry visa to travel to the State, they are required to meet the conditions of entry that attach to their particular purpose of stay in Ireland. They will have to satisfy an Immigration Officer on arrival that they meet these conditions of entry.
People who do not satisfy the conditions of entry or people who have previously been unlawfully present in the State, or have otherwise failed to comply with Irish immigration requirements, run the risk of being refused entry to the State at the border.
The conditions of entry may include a requirement to have obtained a pre-clearance for certain purposes of stay."

A pre-clearance which must be obtained before travelling to Ireland for:

These people need to apply for these pre clearance letter prior to flying to Ireland. This is a permanent feature of your relationship/ passport types, it is NOT Covid related that you need a pre-clearance.
There is no specific communication on holidays or visiting Ireland on the statement
SA2Eire think this is best to clear with the Irish Embassy in Pretoria or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before commiting to holiday by booking flights or anything related.

South Africa whilst in LEVEL 4 or 5 lockdown- travelling permissions, curfew and alcohol ban

Here are the forms (available at your local police station) for anyone who is traveling in or out of Gauteng for:
You may need both of these and take them to your local police station HERE (Form 4, 6 and 7)
(These are .pdf documents, they will automatically download into the files section of your phone or downloads on pc)
Customers travelling to and from Gauteng province need to complete the relevant forms and travel with the required travel permits, as indicated in the Government Gazette (Refer to section 17 (page 8) for the travel restrictions and Forms 4, 6, and 7 of Annexure A (page 19) for the travel permit forms). There is no requirement for customers to carry a travel permit when travelling between any of our other provinces.
- Needs to be applied for at your local police station by providing proof and identification IN PERSON by the applicant (you cannot obtain it on someone else’s behalf).
- You need to keep identification as well as the proof that was given to the police with you during your travel.
- You need an approved form and ID for EVERY PASSENGER traveling together
CURFEW - of you leave the Provence prior to the commencement of curfew, you are allowed to drive through as long as you have authorization to transit.
Remember the ALCOHOL BAN- this includes transporting alcohol, so do NOT have alcohol in your suitcase, buy at Duty Free at the airport.



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